First Time, Military and College Student

 First Time Storage and Moving Customers:

It is your first move! Whether you are storing around the block, across the country or around the globe – SC Services can help! SC Services is a full service relocation company that provides domestic and international relocation solutions to individuals and businesses.
We provide an array of services to make your move and storage a success! Services we provide:

  • Storage Selection Assistance
  • Discounts on individual storage units, lockers and moving supplies
  • Relocation assistance, packaging material selection and instruction
  • Moving specials especially designed for college students
  • Truck, Trailer and equipment selection to ensure you not over spending and maximizing the security of your property
  • Packaging selection and instructional aides
  • Membership to our Business Marketplace

 Military Moves:

Military Moves – “IT Pays to Do IT YOURSELF!”
First, on behalf of the men and women of SC Services; we thank you for your service. We focus on supporting the military and their families. If you are serving in our armed forces and the Military moves you, you have a choice. You can either have a professional moving van line move you or you can make a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move with SC Services……and make extra money!
Benefits to a DITY move:

  • Your household goods and property arrive when you do. Waiting for the moving van is eliminated, which could take weeks to deliver.
  • You have control over your private property and household possessions, which will reduce the chance of damage, or loss.
  • You can earn extra money by doing the move yourself!
  • You save by having SC Services help! Savings on storage, packing materials, move planning and use of our Business Marketplace.

When you decide to do a DITY Move, SC Services is there to help! We can assist you with:

  • The application process, planning your move, move expenses and selecting the proper storage and moving equipment
  • Assistance to help you determine how much you can make by doing a DITY Move.
  • Instruction, instruction materials and videos to make the moving process easy.

Contact us at SC Services for details on a DITY MOVE.
For non-active or military retiree, or military employee or NARF member we have a program just for you!
While you may not be moving with the Military, you may need storage and moving assistance, SC Services provides the same services and saving to you as if you were still a member of the Military. Because of your service, you qualify for great savings and discounts on Storage, packing materials, move planning and use of our Business Marketplace. We help you get your move paid for as a deduction on your taxes.
Contact us at SC Services for details.

 College Moves:

Save up to 50% or MORE! If you are a registered student relocating to Columbia to attend one of the leading universities here... Welcome! We want to make you move as successful and enjoyable as possible. So as you prepare to arrive and relocate here to Columbia, we can help! You can save!
Join our Student Storage Savings Program – Instead of taking household goods home for the summer – store them at SC Services! For each semester you stay with us you save even more. Contact us for details!
We offer:

  • Discounts on individual storage units, lockers and moving supplies
  • Relocation assistance, planning and access to our Business Marketplace.
  • Round-trip moving specials especially designed for college students.
  • Students who are moving home from college can now take advantage of special savings on trucks and trailers.
    • The round-trip rate specials have been set up to allow a friend or family member to pick up the rental equipment in the student's hometown, bring it to the college, help the student pack and load, then return home with the truck.
    • Days and mileage are included in the round-trip rate and the savings may be as much as 50 percent or more.
    • Plus, students have the added advantage of having assistance from friends and family with the move and driving. They don't have to move alone.

To take advantage of this money-saving opportunities, make your reservation today by going on-line, or by calling us at 803-695-1064.

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